Latchepen is a London based gypsy jazz outfit comprising of four friends from countries all over the world

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About Latchepen

Latchepen is a London based band born out of a collective admiration of Django Reinhardt and all that swings. The word Latchepen is an exclamation of happiness and contentment in the Romani language.

Acoustic by nature but with projection and a heart beat that can rival any amp or drum, this is jazz on a string with influences ranging from Romani music to bebob.

Love Letters

We've got a new album out now!

The Band

Matt Holborn

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Matt was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Scotland. He found jazz by listening to his grandad playing down the pub. Likes a whisky.

Kourosh Kanani

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Kourosh is a virtuoso guitarist with an unhealthy obsession for Keith Jarrett. Of Irish and Iranian descent. Knows a lot of Disney songs.

Jeremie Coullon

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When Jeremie isn't playing jazz guitar he's doing research in applied maths. He's also the only known Frenchman to have been born in Reading.

Simon Read

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Simon plays bass for pretty much everyone in London. He is very much partial to expensive coffee and high quality beer.

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